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Debunking Myths About Clicker Training

Saddle Up Magazine - June 2010

There is always more than one way to train your horse a new skill. I have found many applications for which clicker training is particularly well-suited, and enjoy introducing this approach to other horse owners. But as I talk with people, I’ve noticed that there are still some myths about clicker training circulating out there, and I offer some clarity for those who are curious to learn more about it.

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Horse Soccer: Have a Ball with your Horse!

Canadian Horse Journal - Pacific and Prairie Edition - August 2011

Learn about horse soccer -- its origins, how a game is played, how to train your horse for this activity and the benefits to horse and rider.

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Bellamy Brook Stables Gets the Ball Rolling

Saddle Up Magazine - November 2011

Equine soccer is an ideal activity to help keep horses fit and have some fun at the same time. Learn how the riders at Bellamy Brook Stables introduced their horses to this new activity and developed the skills to engage in some friendly competition.

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Take a Kick at Equine Soccer

Horse Country Magazine - 2012

Preparation, equipment, rules for an informal game of horse soccer; how to train your horse to play.

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Lady Long Rider: Bernice Ende

Saddle Up Magazine - December 2012

In a recent blog entry about her first long-distance trek into Canada, Bernice Ende writes, “I am having probably the best ride I have ever had.” Coming from a woman who has ridden over 17,000 miles across the vast and varied landscape of the United States since 2005, that is quite the compliment! Each year, Bernice embarks on a long ride - a very long ride. The distances she covers in each ride have ranged from 2000 miles to 6000 miles, with the exception of her “vacation” ride in summer of 2011, which was “only” 600 miles...

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Preserving Equestrian Access in Golden Ears Park

Canadian Horse Journal - Pacific and Prairie Edition - April 2013

The park management plan for Golden Ears Provincial Park in Maple Ridge, BC, is being revised and use by horseback riders gets barely a mention in the draft plan. Local equestrians are rallying to draw attention of government decision-makers to the history and current use of the park by riders, and to ensure continued access for the future...

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Haney Horsemen host “Ride Round the Ridge"

Saddle Up Magazine - July 2013

In celebration of International Trails Day on June 1, Haney Horsemen Association (HHA) invited local riders to experience Maple Ridge’s fabulous equestrian trail system with a “Ride Round the Ridge.” Pairs of HHA volunteers led groups of riders on three different routes - into the lush forest of Golden Ears Park, through the Thornhill neighbourhood, and a shorter route out on the dykes...

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Cavalia's Odysseo

Saddle Up Magazine - December 2013

Review of Cavalia’s show, Odysseo, under the big top in Vancouver.

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Catch the Endurance Fever!

Saddle Up Magazine - March 2014

New resource for novices to the sport of long-distance riding connects local riders with mentors in the BC lower mainland area.

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Endurance Fever Rides through Maple Ridge

Saddle Up Magazine - May 2014

Details and highlights about the first Endurance 101 clinic and mock endurance ride held by the new FVER Green Beans endurance riding club.

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HCBC 2015 Equine Education Summit

Saddle Up Magazine - May 2015

Discover some of the knowledge shared at the HCBC Equine Education Summit held this year in Richmond over the weekend of March 14/15. It was a tremendous opportunity for learning from experts in the fields of equine nutrition, equine dentistry, hoof health and biomechanics, sport conditioning, saddle fitting and emergency preparedness.

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Saluting BC's Veterans: The Ride Across Canada

Saddle Up Magazine - May 2015

Learn about Paul Nichols' hopes for his cross-country journey on horseback to the Atlantic coast, with veterans and for veterans. Nichols aims to bring awareness to the contributions that our veterans have made, share their stories and also encourage discussion of the challenges that our veterans can face upon returning home.

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