I am proud to call myself an Unconventional Equestrian. I keep my mind open to new and better ideas for working and communicating with horses and to new ways of having fun with them. If I occasionally look “unconventional” doing so – that’s fine by me; it is the welfare of the horses I work with that is my top priority. I am happy to share details about my activities and what I have learned with other horse- people, both in person and through my writing.


I divide my time between my family, my passion for horses and my work as a freelance editor and writer. The focus of my written work is educational content and news for special interest print magazines about the equine industry, horsemanship, gardening, and continuing education (samples are available on this site). I also offer hands-on lessons and workshops about horse soccer, integrated horsemanship, and practical trails skills for both horse and rider.


I currently live in the BC Lower Mainland where I enjoy being outdoors - yes, even in the rain! My favourite activities are gardening, forest hiking with friends and family, and long distance trail riding, horse soccer and jumping with my young Arabian gelding, Merlyn.

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